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Der Ring des Nibelungen
by Richard Wagner

 A comprehensive study of the entirety of Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle. This experiment first investigate his theory of the 'gesamtkunstwerk' by dissecting the cycle and designing it as four separate operas, instead of one continuous space and context. Secondly, at the core of the work is the search for each opera's unique social structures, under which we define what it means to be either God (Wotan), Man (The Walsüngs), or those In Between (Siegfried and Brünhilde). The results of this two year-long exploration bore questions regarding labor structures (Das Rheingold), sensationalism (Die Walküre), fetishization (Siegfried), and appropriation (Götterdämerung), as well as the instigation of operatic works' performance context, ranging from spectacle to performative installation. 

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