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Rendering 1
Rendering 2
Rendering 3
TERRA with 
LA Contemporary
Dance Company

A walk-through installation with choreography from Genevieve Carson and Drea Sobke. The labyrinth design was manipulated to change constantly around the audience, also being transformed with light and video. 


"The panels throughout the space shifted with projections of clouds, birds, forests, people’s faces, and structures, all helping to create a palpable sense of earth and home.” - Jeff Slayton


"Imitating a truly organic environment, every piece of Terra evolved over time. Noticeable shifts included changes in projection, music, and performance quality. More subtle transformations occurred in the set and costuming. The creators of Terra’s world collaborated to ensure this evolution was seamless and the functions of the intermediary changes could be executed by the performers throughout the piece." - Katherine Grace Murphy


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