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Early Design Rendering
Early Design Rendering 2
Anna Luisa Petrisko

Walk-through installation for the experimental opera, 'Vibration Group.' An architectural excavation/spatial research project for methods of settlement without colonization through ancestral materiality. The materials of the space consisted of culturally emblematic objects such as the 'banig' (a Filipino sleeping mat made of palm fronds) and living plants. 


"Vibration Group is a new sci-fi rock opera from Anna Luisa Petrisko and company, but visitors to see its performances at LACE on Hollywood Boulevard this weekend are transported off-world way before the music starts. Combining the elegant quirk of a DIY aesthetic with a slick, retro-futurist flair, right away the environmental design of bright lights, video installation, living plant sculptures, shared experiences and set’s organic architecture all signals an unfamiliar perspective on terrestrial life. And, indeed, you soon discover that you are already on a spaceship." 

- Shana Nys Drambot


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