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Please click on the pictures below to see examples of specific works.


Need a set for a stage production? My skills and services as a scenic designer provide you with thought-provoking, aesthetically captivating designs for the stage. I'll guide you through the process; from manual drafts and drawings, to scale models, and then we'll realize it on the stage! Click here for some of my own personal works.


Already have a scenic designer? Great!


Don't have anybody to make it happen? I can help.


Scenic Artists are equipped with the knowledge and proficiency to realize the designer's vision on stage. Scenic Painting techniques (faux wall and floor treatments: wood grain, etc.), large scale murals, or decorative and sculptural works (trees, pendants, etc.), you can see examples of my scenic art works for fellow designers here.


Introducing the newest technology in design for the stage: Projections. I design and custom build images to suit the needs of each production and animate it for the purposes of projecting it on a theatrical setting (walls, floors, etc.). The result is a dynamic solution to creating an environment that suits the needs of any theatrical production.


An assortment of commissioned artworks. 

Interested in collaborating for your next production? Let's Talk.​

“[Carlo Maghirang] has designed a fine set of a New York hotel suite, which serves efficiently to represent many other New York locales as well. This is one of the best sets I have seen on the Secret Rose stage.” – on 'The Little Dog Laughed,' Secret Rose Theatre

Don Grigware -

[Carlo Maghirang’s] hotel room set is so classy and well-appointed that it informs an audience from the get-go that this will not be your standard rent-a-theater production.” – on 'The Little Dog Laughed,' Secret Rose Theatre

Steven Stanley -

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