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by Erin Courtney

Directed by Mark Sitko for Barker Room Rep, Atwater Village Theater, Los Angeles, CA. 


The space is designed as an open interrogation/conversation space, where the characters are being interviewed to recall a traumatic memory. This translated to a gallery space, with the memory of space being fetishized as photograph. As the recollection of the memory progresses, the giant photograph becomes immersive to the characters, with the actors being able to walk inside and appear within this living photograph. 

'Then there's the set that manages to be terribly specific and also oddly generic. Clean simple lines, almost sculptural and then hung like a major canvas in a gallery, there's a giant framed black and white picture of an old wood barn. You know? The kind of barn that gets turned into reclaimed wood paired with some bare Edison bulbs and becomes the backdrop for your craft beer and farm-to-table appetizer. But this is the barn before all that happens to it when it's still on some desolate country road containing god-only-knows what secrets.'

Anthony Byrnes Opening the Curtain on LA Theater for KCRW.


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