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Ocean of Milk
PQ 2015 

Version of Ocean of Milk, set to travel and be performed at the Prague Quadrennial, Czech Republic, 2015-2016 season under the category of 'Politics.' Workshopped at California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA.


Conceived by Carlo Maghirang. Visualized, produced, and performed in collaboration with: Narae Kim, Lynn Thonet, Jonathan Bryant, Alexander Freer, Charles Anthony Gloria.


An object/installation performance piece, witnessing, investigating, and abstracting the degenerative nature of the patriarchy in the  international, socio-political platform. Using plastic sheeting as the material of the world, as well as a ritualized performance structure, it problematizes the role of the spectator as an oppressive contributor by highlighting the spectator's role as compliant to atrocity. 


Ocean of Milk: derived from the Hindu myth of the Samudra Manthan, or the churning of the Ocean of Milk for the amrit; the nectar of immortality.  


Photography by Brian Hashimoto.

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