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by Rosanna Gamson

Choreography by Rosanna Gamson, performed at the REDCAT, Los Angeles, June 2016. 

Investigation of the liminal space between dreams and improvisation, the scenography for the piece functioned as a subtle autobiography of the artist's work, with materials recycled from her past work to create an installation reflective of her personal identity (i.e. a fabric sculpture of the artist's home.)

"A bright open space often was decorated with Shayne’s colorful floor projections and dominated by a large 3-D gauze room designed by Carlo Bryan Maghirang hanging overhead. If the black curtains gave “Restless” a horizontal trajectory, the white gauze sculpture created a vertical axis."

- Los AngelesTimes

"Events take a radical turn with STILL. The stage floor changes from black to white. The curtains are gone and replaced with a ghostly white room or house hanging overhead. It is a beautiful idea created by Set Designer Carlo Bryan Maghirang. This fragile structure gives the illusion of home. It defines the space without obstructing or restricting any onstage action. But Gamson doesn’t ignore it. The dancers make longing gestures toward it and a few are lifted up to briefly enter inside."

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